Racing Stripes (2005)

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Genre: Family Adventure Animation
Release:Jan 14, 2005
Racing Stripes description:

"Racing Stripes" is the tale of a baby zebra named Stripes (Muniz), who is accidentally abandoned by a traveling circus during a rainstorm. The helpless zebra foal is discovered by horse trainer Nolan Walsh (Greenwood), who rescues Stripes and takes him home to live with him and his young daughter Channing (Panettiere) on their modest Kentucky farm. Stripes and Channing grow up together as best friends who, unbeknownst to Channing, share a similar ambition both dream of racing in the prestigious Kentucky Open. With the help of his barnyard friends, Stripes must overcome prejudice and self-doubt to pursue his lifelong dream of running with the big horses and landing in the winner's circle.

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